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Kentfish Water Feature Installations

Custom Built Kayhays Water Feature Water features have become an integral part of landscape architecture and garden design. By incorporating fountains, ponds, water cascades and waterfalls we can transform any area into a beautiful water feature. Whether it be an indoor area, courtyard or outdoor garden, we have over 25 years of experience in getting your desires from concept to completion. Please browse our web site to discuss some of the marvels we have created.

This (photo right) is one of our own personal ponds. Our fish are not prize fish, so we set rocks into the pond. However, If you have fish you want to protect from scale damage, we can do so. We are able to set the pond up so there are no protrusions in or around the water.

Our water feature installations include optional battery backup for pump facilities. Also available is an auto change-over of operation modes from "Waterfall" to "Venturi" (aerator) at night, providing silent operation for a good night sleep.

All our fish ponds are set up with curved comers and a dedicated deep end - falls of at lest 100mm is okay, however we suggest that greater depth is better.

At Kentfish we have been building water features,
complete with stone surrounds and full landscaping for over 25 years.

Ninety percent of our ponds are constructed in reinforced concrete. The same way a swimming pool is built, so every pond we create is totally waterproof. We also do landscaping, with a flair for stone work. Combined with our specialist knowledge of water features and our custom designed filtration systems, we truly are your one stop shop for water feature installations.

Visit our Water Features Installation Gallery to see more.

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