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Pond Maintenance

Pond & Water Feature Maintenance
(Residential, Commercial and Government)

Commercial Pond Maintenance Outside of the obvious regular tasks (such as skimming and above ground maintenance), there are seasonal procedures required to ensure water quality and equipment reliability.

We install and maintain superior biological and mechanical filtration systems which capture solids and all sized particles. An extensive range multi-speed pumps combined with comprehensive filter systems can reduce running costs dramatically, improve water feature quality and increase the aquatic health of your fish stock.

Quick fixes and chemical treatments can have limited positive effects and often incur high continuous costs. These processes may also have detrimental effects on the long term biological health of your pond and water features, not to mention the environmental cost of their creation and transport.

There are now many biological and more environmentally-friendly mechanical choices available in the creation and maintenance of balanced and healthy aquatic environments. The benefits can also be expressed in immediate  savings in running costs and equipment maintenance.

We can run and maintain ponds, waterfalls, fountains, venturi effects (water jet effects) and other water features. Our specialisations include pond aquaculture, multi-speed pumps, biological and mechanical filtration systems, pond levellers, aerators and ultraviolet light clarifiers.

Ask us about the options suitable to your specific situation.