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Lysofoss - Environmentally Friendly Organic Pollution Control

Lysofoss Organic ControlLysofoss is a natural biological product consisting of selected bacteria on a porous support base with high trace element content. Added to the water of ponds and lakes, it is formulated for the degradation of organic waste. It reduces organic matter, phosphorus, nitrogen and algae, giving crystal clear water. The Lysofoss lie dormant until exposed to moisture.

Lysofoss takes about 14 days to work, after which time your water will visibly lighten. Note that under-dosing is preferable to over-dosing, as the lysofoss will die if there is not enough organic waste and the water will turn green. You can always add a bit more later.

Lysofoss is a proven product used for many years in a variety of water environments, working many times more quickly and effectively than normal filter bacteria. It is ideal for the control of algae and nutrient levels, as it will continue to work on the substratum. Be sure not use any antibiotic or chemical additives whilst using Lysofoss.

Lysofoss will mineralize all organic waste without the production of ammonia and hydrogen sulphides or the consumption of dissolved oxygen. Lysofoss is also effective in the control of blue-green algae blooms.

Nitrogen Cycle

The cycle begins when fish eat and then excrete ammonia. Bacteria in the biological filter eats the ammonia and excretes nitrite. Nitrite is also toxic to fish and needs to be removed. Another type of bacteria in the filter eats nitrite and excretes nitrate. Nitrate is non-toxic to fish in small quantities and is used by plants as fertilizer. The entire cycle then repeats itself upon completion.


Nitrogen Cycle