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Lakes Prices

Filters for Ponds over 100,000 Litres

The size of the water tank used is determined by the quantity of water to be filtered. These systems can be run in series creating a scalable solution that can be employed for virtually unlimited quantities. Details and prices can be provided on request.

Complete Aquaculture Solution Combining Biological & Mechanical Filter Systems

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Filter Mesh Matts Bio-Balls Bagged River Stones Drainage Cell Stainless Steel Mesh Hurlcon Pump Kenthurst Aqua Ring Filter Ultraviolet Light Clarifier

The basis for this system is the order and quality of the components employed.

  1. Water leaving the pond is transported by use of a RelTech v8 variable-speed pump and
  2. arrives into the Kenthurst 21" P29 Filter
  3. passes through two 75 watt Ultraviolet Light Clarifiers (uv lamp)
  4. then enters the bottom of a custom-made Trickle Filter using a combination of biological and mechanical filtration types;
  5. The fully filtered water exits via two 50mm pipes at the top and is returned to the pond.

Yearly & 6 monthly maintenance is simplified by the inclusion of a 50mm drain at the bottom of the Trickle Filter Tank.