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Range of Pond Filters


21 inch and 22 inch Filters

Inexpensive K1 Media Filters

With modern K1 Media and multi-speed pumps, there is now an inexpensive biological filter available in Australia.

30 years of experience has gone into creating this affordable alternative for domestic and commercial water features and fish pond owners.

4 sizes available:: 21" 40mm Pipe, 25" 40mm Pipe, 29" 50mm Pipe, 33" 50mm Pipe.


KentFish K1 Water Filter

'Onga' Kenthurst Filters - 21", 25", 29" & 33"

Kenthhurst Onga Filters are available in a range of sizes from 60L of media, all the way to 250L in size. The diameter choices being; 21", 25", 29" and 33". The valve for backwash can be activated while the pump is running.

4 sizes available:
- 21" (60L K1 media) 40mm Pipe,
- 25" (100L K1 media) 40mm Pipe,
- 29" (160L K1 media) 50mm Pipe,
- 33" (250L K1 media) 50mm Pipe.


KentFish K1 Water Filter

'Haywood' Kenthurst 21" & 25" Filters

The fresh design of Kenthurst Fish & Filters new filters are more efficient and designed for durability and function. The Haywood Filter requires the pump to be turned off to start a backwash.

Available in two formats:
- 21 inch diameter (60L of K1 media) and
- 25 inch diameter (100L of K1 media).


AquaScape UltraKlean 3500

Biological pressure filter with 28 watt ultraviolet clarifier.
- Provides crystal clear water by trapping dirt and debris, suitable for use with fish.
- uses integrated UV-clarifier and integrates easily into existing ponds
- 28W programmable UVC (6hr, 12hr or 24hr per day)
- provides mechanical and biological filtration for ponds, taking the guesswork out of selecting the perfect combination of pond filtration equipment.

AquaScape UltraKlean 3500


OASE Filtoclear 3000

OASE Filtoclear 3000

The Filtoclear range of filters are pressure filters that include UV clarifier and designed for ease of use.

- Suitable for a 1500 litre pond with fish or a 3000 litre pond that has no fish
- Innovative, effective pressure filter range with integrated UVC-clarifier
- Sealed pressure container – thus the filters can supply higher-elevation watercourses


OASE Filtoclear 6000

OASE Filtoclear 6000

The filter works by pumping pond water into the sealed filter unit and creating up to ½ bar of pressure. Therefore water leaving the filter is also under pressure, allowing the water to be pushed to an elevated position on the water feature. So unlike a gravity return filter which must be situated at the highest point, the Filtoclear can be positioned anywhere in the layout.

- Suitable for a 3000 litre pond with fish or a 6000 litre pond that has no fish
- Extremely user-friendly thanks to "Easy-Clean-Technology"


Cartridge Filter 16000

Leaf Catcher & Wool Filters

To the left (picture) is the Hurlson Leaf Catcher, perfect for removing large biological material from all water sources.

On the right (picture) is the ZX-100 wool filter being used in a cartridge system - also ideal for removing suspended material from your pond or water feature.

Cartridge Filter 16000


OASE Filtoclear 6000

Pond Pickups

These pond pickups are made from 316 stainless steel with 8mm holes. They act as intake filters, preventing large objects from clogging the filtration system.

Can be connected to 40mm or 50mm PVC pipes and fittings. These pond pickups are also available in a powder coat finish.