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Hudson Valves - Water Level Control Valve

Hudson Valve The Hudson Valve has a compact design and is well adapted to large-scale water uses. It is ideal for applications where fluid level control is necessary. The valve opens whenever the level drops, allowing water to flow and raise the level. This subsequent filling will stop the valve when the set level is reached. We stock a variety of sizes.

The Hudson Valve uses fluid pressure in it's unique design, as opposed to a lever arm and ball, as the force which closes the valve. This greatly enhances the valve's reliability, making it suitable for high volume situations. The valve is also rust-proof and resistant to freezing.


No-Niche® Pond Skimmer #750

No-Niche Skimmer These devices replace 'Lily Pad Floats', removing the need for a niche. It has a flow rate of 52 - 55 galons per minute when plumbed using 1 ½ pipe and fittings (supplied/installation separate).Skims efficiently through a 360 degree action. The top of the main housing should be 3¾" under the average water level. This skimmer is compact in design and made from durable ABS plastic.

No-Niche Skimmer (components) The No-Niche® Skimmer #750 can also be connected to existing vac fittings or used with existing skimmer setups that don't work.

Skimmers are designed to remove floating debris from the surface of the pond. Collecting items such as leaves, seeds, uneaten food and other debris that floats upon the water.  Due to it's position just below the surface, the skimmer intake draws only water from surface, and should also adjust to changes in the water level.


Steel Bottom Drains

Bottom Drain (all stainless steel) When combined with a skimmer, bottom drains can significantly reduce pond maintenance by removing "muck" from the water before entering the filter system. As bottom drains are ussually installed at the bottom of a pond, or at the lowest flow level, heavy waste can be collected before travelling to your filter system. If there is no bottom drain in a pond, waste can accumulate and create toxic conditions within the aquaculture of your water feature or pond.

Bottom Drain (with handle) We custom make a variety of bottom drains to suit most situations. All are manufactured using Stainless Steel with uniform holes.


Pond Pickups

OASE Filtoclear 6000 These pond pickups are made from 316 stainless steel with 8mm holes. They act as intake filters, preventing large objects from clogging the filtration system.

Can be connected to 40mm or 50mm PVC pipes and fittings. These pond pickups are also available in a powder coat finish.