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Water Quality Control Products

"Pets" Brand Quality Control Products

We stock Pets, an Australian made range of water quality control products:

PH Buffer (2kg) Clear Water (500ml), Water Ager (500ml), Algae Killer (500ml) Dry Acid (3kg) Mini pH Test Kit Water Ager (2L), Algae Killer (1L)

BioSim (Lysofoss Replacement)

Biostim pellets are blend of bio stimulants, micro-nutrients and selected bacteria. During these times of Covid restricted supplies, BioStim is a suitable replacement for Lysofoss.

Toss them out over water area, they sink down into the bottom, where they slowly release and activate helpful bacteria. Feeding on the organic waste, the pellet promoted bacteria starve algae and unwanted aquatic weeds of their high nutrient environment ? restoring biological equilibrium.

In a week or two, you will see significant improvements to water clarity, reduced ammonia and reduction in excessive nutrients.

BioStim - Lysofoss Replacement