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Rock Basins & Boulder Ponds

Whole boulder water-tight carved ponds up to 2m in heightThese distinctive pieces are carved from whole boulders and are water tight. Each is cut from a single rock making every one of them a unique element. They make excellent fish ponds and can either stand alone or be incorporated into a larger waterscape.

Known as Rock Basins and Carved Ponds the original Chinese translates as 'rock bowl' or 'rock craft'. Some feature external decorative carvings, with highly variable designs and variations due to both design and individual rock composition.

Each whole-rock pond can be setup with pumps and pipes hidden. They are water-tight and nonporous.

Carved Whole Stone Feature Ponds

Shape, size and appearance vary; due to the individuality of each hand carved stone and the type of rock selected. Each piece is highly individual. Moderate sized boulders start from 1m wide and 0.5m high. There are an infinite range of sizes through all variations up to very large Boulder Ponds with a height of just over 2 metres.

Contact us today to start sourcing your very own boulder ponds. There are a variety of rock grain, geographic seams and distinctive patterns to choose from.


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Whole boulder fish ponds    Water-tight rock bowls    Carved pond   


Rock pond waterfall    Carved boulder pond    Hand carved rock pond   


Whole rock bowl    Water-tight rock bowls    Rock bowl pond   


Hand carved stone pond    Whole boulder fish pond    Carved stone pond   


Rock basin    Whole stone ponds    Boulder water pond   


Boulder water pond    Boulder pond