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Bio Balls & K1 Media

Bio Balls (42mm Sink)At Kentfish we have been designing and installing water features for over 25 years, complete with pumps and filtration. We import an excellent range of bio-balls, perfect for use in your biological filtration system.

Bio Balls (32mm Sink)An important part of the filtration process is the inclusion of bio balls. The advantage of bio balls is in their ability to be very effective substrates for nitrifying bacteria They are also unrivalled in their ability to oxygenate the water.

A biological pond filter is a filter that uses biological means to remove harmful ammonia and excess nutrients from the water. The bio filter should be run 24 hours a day.

Bio Balls available in:

K1 Media (black) K1 Media (white) Biological filtration is the most effective method for removing toxins (ammonia) and breaking it down into nitrites and then into nitrates which provide food to your aquatic plants (referred to as the Nitrogen Cycle). This is accomplished by using naturally occurring bacteria and giving it a place to live in the bio-filter media where it is exposed to large quantities of food and oxygen.

K1 Media (ridged tubing with stuctural cross bars) is a cheaper alternative to Bio Balls, while still achieving the multi-pupose advantages of bio-media (with their advantages over matting). The inner stucture provides a protected area with water flow to support the natural bacteria lifecycle, fueling the latter stages of the nitrification cycle. Whist also being free flowing and displacing old dead bacteria.