Kenthurst Fish & Filters

Pond Filters, Fountains & Water Features, Small Lakes & Dams  –  
Sydney, Australia

Kayhay's Gardens' Price List  Prices as at Oct 2020. All prices inclusive of GST.

Oase Filters

FiltoClear 3000

FiltoClear 6000

FiltoClear 12000

FiltoClear 16000

Kenthurst K1 Filters

'Onga' Media Filter: 4 sizes available

'Haywood' Media Filter: 4 sizes available

Bio Balls & K1 Media

Matala Matts

Grey Sheet (fine Biological filter) or
Blue Sheet (full Biological filter) or
Green Sheet (Mechanical & Biological filter) or
Black Sheet (full Mechanical filter)

Steel Bottom Drains

Water Clarifier

Ultraviolet Clarifiers

Stainless Steel Clarifier (UV Lamp & Weatherproof Ballast Box)

Ballast Box

Lamp & Quartz Thimbles

Fish Food (Australian produced)


RelTech Pumps

IntelliFlo Pump

Onga Eco 800 Pump

Spec Pro Series Pump

Waterway "Champion VS" Pump

Messner e-finity Q-Tec 25 Pump
fully submersible, 5yr warranty,

AquaSurgeTM Pumps
fully submersible, 3yr warranty,

Hailea "H" Series Pumps
40mm inlet/outlet, 1yr warranty,

Hailea Air Pump (adjustable pressure)

Hudson Valves

Pond & Pump Accessories


Water Quality ("Pets" brand is Australian Made)

Custom Lakes and Dams

Price On Application - please ask us for a quote.