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Hailea Brand: Air Pumps & Water Aerators

Lysofoss Organic ControlThe Hailea Air Pump features include an advanced air-compressing system, damping system and multilevel muffler which is extremely low in noise. The air-output can be adjusted freely with a manual air-flow adjusting control. The air pump uses special artificial rubber to keep a steady air output and pressure. The structural design is compact and requires no greasing or lubrication. Remember to clean or replace the air-tube, air-stone or sponge reqularly to obtain maximum efficiency at the air outlet.

Hailea air pumps are manufactured to a very high standard, delivering plenty of bubbles into the water, providing higher oxygen levels. They feature a solid case for quiet running and rubber feet to reduce vibration. Designed to run multiple air stones or an air curtain, they come with a manifold for easy connection to air tubing. Able to run 24hrs / 7days a week, they can also be used with timers to reduce power consumption.